You have an unusual product or a special service that you would like to present at a trade fair. Therefore, your presence must distinguish itself clearly from that of competitors. In consultation with you, we determine the unique selling point and develop individual solutions for the product presentation within the budget framework.

In an age of globalised markets, only strong brands with a large degree of differentiation survive.


Unusual appearances are intended to support and not detract from the brand essence. That is why our design are always subordinate to the existing identity and reinforce the unusual characteristics of your product. A clear spatial structure with sensible routes supports the distinctness of the communicative strategy and provides orientation in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the trade fair.

Recognition facilitates return.


These days, companies are measured more than ever on whether their product delivers what it promises. And if your products promise a lot, your exhibition stand should also look promising. Equipped with the latest presentation technology, it becomes a place of authentic experience. An oasis of the senses, the stage for conducting business. This helps you to achieve your ambitious fair targets.

Communicate all of your qualities in a convincing manner.


While it might all be more than the sum of its parts, it should nevertheless cost less. With us that means: Specific planning leads to controllable costs. At the end, therefore, your products is presented optimally, on time and within the agreed financial framework. Just as it should be: Additional turnover with unvarying costs.

The outer appearance represents the inner value of a product – your product.